Australia is currently the third most popular destination. Many international students choose to study there because of the cultural diversity, friendly natives, and high quality of education.

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You'll find a high standard of living in Canada. International students benefit from the same rights and freedoms that protect all Canadians: respect for human rights, equality, diversity and a stable, peaceful society

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Same Rights & Freedoms

American institutions are known to have high academic standards, follow rigorous practices to maintain quality and are well-supported to be able to offer excellent education to its students.

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Why Study in Australia?

Australia is a growing destination for international students. It is currently ranked the third most popular study destination in the world. Australia is popular among international students for a whole lot of reasons, including multi-cultural diversity, world-class education, student friendly policies, safe and friendly environment and availability of post study visas.

It is one of the most popular study destinations for Bhutanese besides India and Thailand. A growing Bhutanese community in Australia makes it an attractive destination for Bhutanese wishing to pursue their Bachelors Degree, Diplomas, Post-graduate, Masters and PHD studies. Australian Government and Australian universities offers a range of scholarship and bursaries to international students.


Why Study in Canada?

Canada is an international leader in computer and information technologies and has a reputation for excellence in such sectors as telecommunications, animation, transportation and engineering and specifically, aerospace, urban transport, microelectronics, medical devices, advanced software, hydroelectric and nuclear power, lasers and opto-electronics, biotechnology etc.

Canada’s cities Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal have been recognized as world class cities to live and work, for cleanliness, safety, cultural activities and attractive lifestyles.


Why Study in America?

It’s hardly a secret that top universities in the U.S. continue to maintain a strong presence among the best ranked education institutions in the world. Partially this has to do with how well-funded and supported American universities are, but it also has to do with the high academic standards and rigorous requirements that they instill in their students.

Nearly every university in the U.S. takes diversity to be one of their defining pillars. Historically, there has been a strong effort within the structure of these higher education institutions to increase the number of educational opportunities and make cultural diversity central to the enrollment and admission efforts.